Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello again, Flowerpower aka Amy here, and this time I am giving you advice on how to wander around the world. You need to transport around the world so you can have many adventures. For example, ninja training is something you can do on your fun time. Test your abilities and get cool items.
Everywhere you go, try to make a few buddies here and there. Start off with a single hi or hello, then get into a conversation. Try to make them your friend or acquaintance. Get to know people more. Even if they don't fit your category, don't be rude to them. It's not a kind thing to do. It's just called bullying.
See sights! Don't you sometimes get bored going to a friend's room and just chatting? Go to France and have a nice cup of water. Or maybe see the ancient buildings in China. Dance to wake up the dinosaur in Stone Age. Proceed through all the wonderful countries and explore.
Last, but not least, shopping! Don't just shop with the shopping icon at the bottom of your screen. Go to the park and purchase some unique items. You do know that some events are hosted by Ameba Pico, like prom? Go over there and buy, buy, buy! So I am just telling you enjoy your life on Ameba Pico.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who's that writer?

Hola, I'm Cristina. Just a new writer in this amazing blog.

So, If you want to know more, keep reading.

I'm an 11 year old girl from the Philippines who loves country music and writing. Photography is also my passion and I'm an ameba pico user. (Well, obviously.) I found out about it when I was searching for virtual games on facebook and I saw it on the advertisements. I love to roam around Japanese parks and shout out random lyrics so people could props me. I play everyday and still very active. I like Chinese food a lot and that's it.

My pico name is: Chitina

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Writer: fℓσωєя ρσωєя

What's up, this is fℓσωєя ρσωєя! Number one thing about me is that I love to draw. It makes my mind calm down like if I'm in Paradise Island. I just like it when our hands flow making designs and artsy designs. The world is so peaceful with art.

I am very simple dresser and I really want to change that. I mean like sometimes I am just sick of wearing simple, simple, simple everyday. I want to wear what the modern girls wear today, except I'm not sure if I can get my hands on those. Someday, I want to wear I want.

I just hate people who get on my nerves. I mean seriously I need my space and peace. This is just me, but who can stick up with people like that?! They are just so annoying! Please, if you want to be my friend don't do that.

Well then, see you whenever! I might just sneak up around the corner! Hahahha!

--fℓσωєя ρσωєя

Monday, May 9, 2011

Never Give Up

     When people say "never give up!" You should listen to them! Oh my, I realized that I really shouldn't give up. Usually, you just need to wait couple of day. Things that you really want don't come just on there own. You need to try, do something about it. Now, I gotta tell you a story. About me, never giving up, well, It starts with some disappointment, but it's going to get better... Enjoy

   My story:
     It all started with logging on to Ameba Pico. I checked the updates on the Official Ameba Pico Guide about the Pico Camp Squad. Of course, I just adore new clothes! So, I hurry reading the news about the camp. As I race to the area, I try to wonder how the area looks like. Before I could try to think how it might look, quick as a flash, the loading sign as gone and I'm speechless! It's like it is especially made for me! It's soooo amazing. There is camouflage EVERYWHERE!!! Which make me smile, because green is my FAVORITE color. I just couldn't stop staring, it's way better then I imaged it. It was the best theme, that I just had to scream about it with my friend. When I was whispering with my besties, I was on BRB, of course. Then, I visited my friend's house about the theme... That's the end of my story. Kinda...

     Time for another story. I'm a person who never gives up, but waiting months for what you what while trying disappoints me. That's when I gave up, and forgot about it as if it never ever happened. It sure did make me tearful, but how could one girl who isn't so bright get on a famous blog called: Pico-perfect. Impossible, right? Well, like I said I was on BRB. While I was not paying attention, a special someone came and got a picture while she post it on her blog. Yes. That's right. I'M ON PICO PERFECT!!! When I went home, it said I have a message on my message board. So, I go and check, and there it is!!! She is telling me she posted me on her blog! 

I'm so embarrassed, I wish i was looking. I'm just thankful now.

     When I heard, I sent her a crazed letter about thanking her for putting me on her blog. Bless Sweets*. She is a wonderful girl, I really enjoy every word of her posts.



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

     Happy Mother's Day to all. We can't repay them for all they did, but we can try. Mothers' been with us through rough times, and never give up. Alway trying to keep a smile on there face when we buy a weird shirt. There always there to be supportive, love, and make it a memory. This day only happens once a year, it's a special day. Make sure you make this something from you heart. Does it matter that your having a fight with your Ma? Yeah, but forget it this one day. There is times, but today isn't the day to fight. Be bright. Can't buy flowers? Paint flowers. Easy and simple, the little things matter the most.
     Just relax on a nice, warm spring day while drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee. Or staying home on a stormy afternoon slurping a mug of yummy hot chocolate. Also,  A great way to say thank you is letting her relax and giving her a massage...  Who does love a lay-back-and-relax day? Don't forget, If you forgot a card for your Mum. Then, right things that are deep and quick, because most of the quick thoughts are usually how you remember then or even how you feel. Mamas' never give up. Bless you Mommy and be thankful, because they are people out there who don't have mothers. Love, bless, and enjoy with your Mama. Good-bye for now, and have a wondrous Mother's day. 


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome to Pico Priceless!

     Hi! I'm Haylee, remember me from Haylee Twinz? If not, here's a little tour of who I am. First, let's tell you about Pico Priceless. 

     Pico Priceless is little blog with big dreams all about Ameba Pico. Ameba Pico is one of the funnest games ever! I'm such a fan that I'm making a blog. Welcome to Pico Priceless! We write meaningful posts that will make you learn, tricks, fashion dos and don'ts, cheapest items, smile, laugh until you cry, addiction you to our blog, cry for sadness in our stories, make you change the world, and most importantly, help you. We show our inner self with who we are. We will love every moment of our fans and haters. (I love haters, too!) Just giving a new thing a chance is hard, but im in the faze of doing it now. Surprisingly, we are ready for any problem, drama, joke, fight, advice, giving you advice, and just answering you. We answer by lettering me in Ameba Pico, emailing me at:, and talking to me in anyway. 

     Pico Priceless is into anything you sent us. Please, understand that im just trying to life my dream. I love followers and haters, please, love us hate us? Send me a letter! I don't mind (that you hate on me), as long as you have a real reason with a right.

     We love to write about random subjects. We take our time to write a post, we care about our blog. Please, enjoy our blog and comment on our posts! Don't forget to follow!


Who is Haylee?

     Hey! Since you know most of my blog, why not just talk about myself so you can get know me. I live in North America, but my state is Texas. I looking nothing like my Pico person, no joke. Me and my Pico have a lot in common. We have a lot of emotions. (Haha, enjoy the joke while it lasts.) We both are girl-y, but not too girl-y, im more of a tomboy. We have a amazing sense of style, for sure, wanna check it out? We both have tons in common, but I really not think I can name them all... (Sorry!)

     I'm usually very friendly to all people. I love playing "House" or "School" or even types of little "Shows." Im extremely hyper, and random!!! I love just being around Pico town asking random people if they like this or that. So, catch a talk with me anytime if you see me!
     I'm someone who you can't trick me. (Kinda..) I'm busy, but never too busy for Ameba Pico. Please, help my dreams come true. Thanks for reading my amazing readers. Don't forget to follow!